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Look out for Marshmallow the Dragon!  The children's latest creation for a 'Gwaith Mawr' project, also featured in our recent success as a Global Pioneer School for EntrecompEdu Entreprenurial Learning.

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Current Topic:

Our current topic is 'Gawn ni archwilio?  Can we explore it?'.  We kicked off our topic by having an engaging experience of a morning session of Hide-n-Seek!  We explored the rules of the game, how to be 'it', practiced counting down and different ways of moving our bodies.  We are learning through the Pie Corbett method to retell the story of 'Going on a Bear Hunt' all by ourselves!  (As well as, adding our own personal details to the story.)  We're exploring the story of Goldilocks and the Three Bears, alternative tales and lots of other books about adventuring and exploring.  And like Goldilocks, we are putting our science skills to the test and tasting what makes the yummiest/yuckiest porridge and what makes a bed the least/most comfortable.  We're working on our digital skills and geography skills by 'Re-mapping Our World'.  We've been exploring Google Earth, physically going on learning walks to follow a map and re-imagining new names for the places/paths that we most use.  At the end of our topic, we're planning to go on a real live bear hunt and have a teddy bear's picnic.  


Upcoming Topics:

Please find below some bite-size descriptions of the topics planned for the next academic year of 2021/2022.  Click on the image below to view.  We are very exicited about these topics for next year!  We are keen to develop these topics as EntreEdu Pioneer Educators and even further develop them under the New Curriculum for Wales.

 Topic Info 2021 2022